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SNL Makes Walter White New Head Of The DEA

In the recent episode of "Saturday Night Life" actor Bryan Craston did guest star in his role as Heisenbe... uh..

Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks

Who else would be a perfect actor for this role of a contestant in "Black Jeopardy" than Tom Hanks?! "Contestants


Hillary And Bernie Reminisce About Their Campaigns At A Bar

The media has called it months ago. Hillary will be the first female presidential candidate running for the Democratic Party.


SNL’s Dead Poets Society Spoof Has Outrageous Surprise Ending

This trending sketch from Saturday Night Live at first seems like just another boring parody. Viewers instantly were reminded of Dead Poets Society.


Drake’s Beef

Drake might be a nice guy from Canada, but he's also a rapper. Deep down he has a tough guy


Dana Carvey Is The Church Lady On SNL

Classic SNL actor and comedian Dana Carvey was the special guest on this weekend's show. To open the show, Dana


SNL Recreates Brooklyn Democratic Debate

Finally, the presidential debates for both the Democrats and Republicans are over. So for the last time, Saturday Night Live had Larry David return


Hillary Clinton Addresses Her Losing Streak

For decades, Saturday Night Live has been famous for their hilarious impressions of famous celebrities and politicians. SNL actress Kate McKinnon is by


Larry David Returns In SNL’s Recreation Of CNN Coverage Of Ben Carson Endorsing Donald Trump

Thought you saw Larry David play Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live for the last time? Not a chance! Just like Tina


Ariana Grande Covers Famous Pop Stars For Tidal In SNL Sketch

As Ariana Grande was the guest star for Saturday Night Live, viewers were all waiting for the sketch when Grande would show off


Jay Pharoah Perfectly Impersonates Famous Black Comedians On Weekend Update

Last week, comedian Katt Williams was trending for making some negative comments about Kevin Hart and his blooming Hollywood career. During Saturday


Racists For Trump Parody Political Ad By SNL

Donald Trump has been called a lot of things over the past few months by both his fans and those