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SNL Mocks Justin Bieber’s New Calvin Klein Ad

It's been a while since Justin Bieber was in the news, but he has been trending recently after Calvin Klein debuted


Mike Myers Returns To SNL As Doctor Evil

A veteran improv master returned to Saturday Night Live as a special guest this weekend. Comedian Mike Myers, most famous for his Austin


Office Christmas Party Music Video

Ironically, one of the few things worse than working long hours at the office is being forced to go to


The Hobbit Office

Saturday Night Live's most popular sketch this weekend has become a smash hit online. As celebrity guest Martin Freeman is famous


SNL Recreates An Awkward St. Louis Morning News Show After Ferguson Protests

The country is still in a tense state after the protests and riots that occurred after a grand jury failed


Back Home Ballers Are Home For Thanksgiving Rap Music Video

With Thanksgiving coming up, countless teenagers and young adults will be coming home for the holiday for the first time


SNL Recreates Schoolhouse Rock Bill Cartoon With President Obama’s Executive Order

Even many kids these days are familiar with the classic I'm Just A Bill episode from the 1970's Schoolhouse Rock! educational


Hunger Games Stars And Woody Harrelson Spoof Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ On SNL

It's been almost 25 years exactly since actor Woody Harrelson has hosted Saturday Night Live back in 1989. As pop princess Taylor Swift's


Swiftamine Spoof Commercial For Adults Who Like Taylor Swift

Every adult knows they don't like Taylor Swift. The fact that they have never heard her music is irrelevant. That's


Jim Carrey Dances To Sia’s Chandelier On SNL

Most other late night shows have poked fun at Sia's Chandelier music video where little Maddie Ziegler dances to the song


Jim Carrey Spoofs Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ads

Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey has been in the spotlight recently for starring in a slew of Lincoln car commercials. South


SNL Mocks NFL Intros

At the start of each NFL football game, players often introduce themselves to the fans and review a little of