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The Three Stooges 2011 Trailer

It's no surprise anymore when Hollywood just regurgitates the old and remakes it for more money. Movie goers are used


Anderson Cooper Gets Spray Tan With Snooki

Anderson Cooper has always had a strange obsession with MTV's Jersey Shore, especially with Snooki. Finally, on his new show,


Snooki Guest Stars In New Hater Show, H8R

When you think of the CW, only the highest quality shows come to mind. Like their new show called H8R-


Andy Milonakis In Snooki Jewelry Commercial

This whole video makes me cringe, I couldn't even watch the whole thing. I hate Andy Milonakis and I'm thrilled


Snookie Charlie Brown Lewis Black Pistachios Commercial

Pistachios farmers or lobbyist or whomever have a new advertisement campaign for their nuts. First there's Snooki putting a Pistachio


Snooki On South Park

Our friends at South Park rip the vain, stupid Jersey Shore show, and really tear Snooki to pieces. Thank you


Old Spice Man, Isaiah Mustafa, Gives Snooki Booster Seat

Isaiah Mustafa is a gentleman. As Isaiah Mustafa interviewed Jersey Shore's Snooki, he offered her a booster seat in case someone tall