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Snoop Dogg Guest Stars As Moses VS Santa Claus In Epic Rap Battles Of History

You know your YouTube channel has 'made it' when the one and only Snoop Diggity Dogg himself stars in one


Pocket Like It’s Hot Music Video Commercial Stars Snoop Dogg

The marketers atĀ Hot PocketsĀ have learned from so many other brands that if you put in the right effort, and don't


Snoop Dogg On The Price Is Right

Gangsta rappers like Snoop Dogg were once considered too 'hardcore' and not fit for the mainstream. But like so many


Twitter Five Year Anniversary Celebrity Commercial

Even though now it seems like such a simple idea, Twitter has really helped change the world. It is an


Snoop Dogg Roasts Donald Trump

Unlike Mike The Situation, Snoop Dogg did a great job at the Roast of Donald Trump. He actually can pull


Alan Simpson Says Snoopy Poop Dog On Fox News

I have a feeling cranky Alan Simpson does not like Snoop Dogg. He's probably the same kind of guy who


Snoop Dogg Meets Jesus

This whole time Jesus was on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Snoop Dogg spots the lord Jesus Christ and tries to


Pepsi Max Snoop Dogg Commercial, Pepsi Max VS Coke Zero

Pepsi has a battle between Coke Zero and Pepsi Max. Two diet drinks that use different chemicals than regular diet


Snoop Dogg Apologizes To Japan 2010

Snoop Dogg is a real business man. The money ain't up front, so he's not going anywhere. That's how he