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Kangaroos in the Snow

Kangaroos in the Snow

[rumble][/rumble] Snow in Australia. More

Australian Trucker Surprised By Snow

Australian Trucker Surprised By Snow

[rumble][/rumble] Australian truck driver encounters his first snowstorm. More

Explosion Turns Man Into A Human Fireball

Explosion Turns Man Into A Human Fireball A bad car accident was caught on camera on an icy road. This…

Kayak Sledding Down Huge Hill

Sliding a Kayak Down a Big Snowy Hill After watching this short clip I can guarantee you will want to…

Riding Bikes Through Giant Snow Tunnel

When there's snow, you better have fun. How about this one, where they built a gigantic snow tunnel, to ride…

What Is Snow?

It's unexpected, it's cold and wet, it's soft, it melts but then comes back, it slippery but also gentle on…

The Footage Of This Train Colliding With Heaps Of Snow Is Surprisingly Poetic

What do you do when you see the train arriving, with six inches of snow piled up on its tracks?…

Avalanche By Train – Slow Motion Snowpiercer Style

Wow, you don't need to go skiing to run the risk of being covered in snow. A guy filmed a…

T-Rex Tries To Go Shovel Snow In A Blizzard

Leslie Haasch got in a T-Rex suit and outside to do a little snow shoveling. At least she tried. But…

This Blind Dog Is The Cutest!

Joanne George uploaded this video of her dog who's blindness level can be topped easily by his cuteness! "15 yr…

River Otter Sliding Down Snow

Seems like he does enjoy the snow! Barrett Hedges uploaded this joyful clip a week ago, resulting in over 140,000…

Daniel Bodin Lands Huge Double Backflip On A Snowmobile

Wow! Swedish freestyle rider Daniel Bodin has done the first ever double backflip on a snowmobile. Red Bull supported and…


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