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Dutch Police Man Takes Part In A Snowball Fight With Kids

I always love to see such examples of police being human beings. Politie Support Nederland uploaded this POV video of


Snowball Machine Gun Is As Cool As It Sounds

It might be February, and Puxatony Phil might claim that spring is just around the corner, but Old Man Winter


Team Fortress Snowball Fight

While everyone else was inside bundled up, online digital studio Corridor Digital was outside filming in the polar vortex.  They merged the


Rowdy Mob Of University Of Oregon Students Led By Football Players Swarm And Pelt Cars With Snowballs, Even Throw Snow In Professor’s Face

This video by the Daily Emerald has instantly gone viral. After a rare snowfall in Willamette Valley, a group of University


World’s Largest Snowball Fight

Famous videographer Devin Supertramp has again gone viralviral, this time, enjoying the winter snow. He enlisted countless friends and acquaintances to all be apart


Snowball Fight

Devinsupertramp teamed up with Internet apparel store,, to create this artsy feeling snowball fight video. Surrounded by friends, and some popular YouTubers, like FreddieW,