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Daniel Bodin Lands Huge Double Backflip On A Snowmobile

Wow! Swedish freestyle rider Daniel Bodin has done the first ever double backflip on a snowmobile. Red Bull supported and


Flying Snowmobile Is Crazy

The Finnish daredevils of Stunt Freaks Team weren't satisfied with simply hang gliding off of a cliff. So they decided to merge


MTT-136 Mechanical Track Will Get You Anywhere In The Snow

Canadian inventor Yvon Martel posted this video featuring an impressive track technology. Instead of being attached to a snowmobile, the electric powered


Stampede Of Polar Rabbits Run Away From Snowmobile

Russian YouTuber Leonid Shipovalov was snowmobiling in Siberia when he happened upon a herd of white rabbits. Naturally, the bunnies took off,


Track N Go – Continuous Tracks Add-On Turns Truck In Snowmobile

This year's mild winter may be finally over, but that doesn't make this new amazing product by  any less cool. It's


Snowmobiler Almost Falls Off Cliff

While snowmobiling around the Wyoming-Idaho border, Skirulefool had a close call he will remember for life. After he just peaked a mountain


First Snowmobile Front Flip Successfully Landed

This year's Winter X Games were already home to some amazing competition. But things are only heating up in the


Snowmobiler Is Buried By Avalanche, Quickly Saved

While snowmobiling on the mountains, one rider caused an accidental avalanche that literally consumed another. The entire scene was caught