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Police Dog Steals Ball At Soccer Game

Maybe the dog should be on the team. He does a great job stealing the ball. The policeman has to


Soccer Player Hits Himself With Opponents Arm

Here's a good trick. Hit yourself with your opponents arm and act like he hit you. What a doofus. The


Amazing Soccer Trick Shot Compilation Video

The Goalkeeper for the UNC Asheville Bull Dogs, Lassi Hurskainen, shows off his impressive moves. He made a compilation of all


Epic Fail Asian Games Uzbekistan VS Qatar

First the offensive line man has the ball right in front of the goal. He's alone and kicks it and


Gyan Zenden Dance – We Can Dance If We Want To

Gyan Zenden celebrates his score against Chelsea in Sunderland. He takes a few steps in a short dance. What  a


Penalty Kick Goalie Fail AGAIN

A while back a viral video surfaced of goalie blocking a ball, then turning around to celebrate, only for the ball


Turkish Airlines Soccer Manchester United Commercial

Turkish airlines has Manchester United do cool soccer tricks on a flight to show off in flight entertainment.


Chris Maguire Half Field Goal Scotland VS Iceland

At the half way line Chris Maguire kicks it up and high and just right over the goalies head. Great


Mirko Vucinic Takes Pants Off To Celebrate Goal – Montenegro VS Switzerland 2010

This Montenegro captain scores. So how does he celebrate? He pulls his pants off, and puts them on his head,


Paper Mario TIFO Chicago VS Seattle

This has to be the coolest and most exciting thing ever in a soccer game. The section 8 of Chicago


Khalid Askri Goal Keeper Fails Again

Khalid Askri is famous for letting a penalty kick score, even though he blocked it. Now he's losing all his


Thierry Henry Kicks FC Dallas Goalkeeper Kevin Hartman While Celebrating

Following a goal by Mehdi Ballouchy yesterday, the New York Red Bulls' former Arsenal and Barcelona striker went to kick