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Mind Blowing Ping Pong And Soccer Trick Shots

You probably thought that soccer and ping pong were two sports that weren't that exciting. You couldn't be more wrong. Trick&Treat takes both sports…


Like a Boss GIF – Soccer

Soccer Trick Shots

Around the globe, there's no question that the most popular sport is football. Or as we call it soccer. But…

John Oliver Discusses The Recent FIFA Scandal

John Oliver already explained how FIFA is the worst last summer. But now that the notorious soccer organization has been in…


Tetris – soccer edition


Girls and soccer

Superheroes, Video Game Stars, Wizards, And Jedi Play Soccer

Even though most Americans aren't that interested in the sport, soccer is actually the most popular physical game in the…


Soccer flop GIF

Soccer Flopping In Real Life

Flopping is a technique popular in basketball and soccer when a player will exaggerate being hit by his opponent in…

What Happened During Germany VS Brazil World Cup Game

For those not paying much attention, Germany walloped Brazil in the World Cup 7-1. This humorous commercial has been trending…

Soccer Fans Lie About The World Cup

Most Americans have no idea what the actual rules of professional soccer are. But Jimmy Kimmel has discovered that even self-proclaimed soccer…


GIF Soccer in China



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