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GIF Soccer Players

Cute Baby Elephants Play Soccer

What's cuter than a baby elephant? How about a bunch of baby elephants playing soccer? As the world is celebrating…

City Of Santiago Erupts In Cheering After Chile Beats Spain

Most Americans aren't paying that much attention to the World Cup taking place in Brazil. But the rest of the…

Dog Really Likes To Watch World Cup

The entire world is watching the World Cup in Brazil. But people aren't the only fans of the World Cup.…

GIF Paper Airplane Hits Soccer Player

Samurai Plays Soccer In Brazil

Nissin Food Group, the company responsible for keeping college kids well fed on Cup Noodle, has debuted this instantly viral…

Cute Beagle Plays Soccer

In honor of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Purin Kumagai the beagle showed off his best soccer tricks in this new…

The Last Football Game Short Film

In honor of the World Cup in Brazil, Nike Football has debuted this computer animated short film, The Last Game. A mad scientist…

John Oliver On The FIFA And The World Cup

The World Cup is finally starting in Brazil this week. Americans aren't that into soccer, but the rest of the…


GIF Like a soccer boss

World Cup Soccer Trick Shots

In honor of the 2014 World Cup taking place in Brazil, comedian Rémi Gaillard donned all of the official jerseys from every…

Fan Throws Paper Airplane From Top Of Stadium And Hits Player

An English fan bored during a football game threw a paper airplane from the top of the stadium. Incredibly, he hit…



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