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Dog Interrupts Soccer Game

Brazil's Botafogo were playing Colombia's Independiente Santa Fe when a dog ran onto the field stopping the game. It makes total sense


Lion Likes To Play Soccer

This video was posted online in August, but only now is going viral, thanks to being shared on sites like


In Real Life Angry Birds Soccer

Angry Birds came out in the end of 2009 and since then has sold millions of copies. The game has


Soccer Ball Knocks Out Ball Boy

The ball boy is the lowest position on the field. Even the field matinence man gets more respect. Speaking of


Soccer Player Trips Wasting Penalty Kick

Amir Sayoud, playing for Egyptian side Al-Ahly in the Egypt Cup had a chance at a penalty shot, but instead,


Baby Boy Kicks Soccer Ball, Breaks Fence And Neighbor’s Roof

Incredible vintage footage of baby Superman has been discovered. In the short clip, baby Superman kicks a soccer ball, and


Squirrel On The Field During Professional Soccer Game

A Women's Professional Soccer Championship game between the Western NY Flash and the Philadelphia Independence was interrupted by a crazed


109 Chinese Kids VS Real Madrid Spanish Soccer Team

Real Madrid is one of Spain's best soccer teams, and for fun, they played over 100 kids in Guangzhou, China.


Soccer Player Steals Ball From Goalkeeper With Sneak Attack

In Soccer, when the goalkeeper gets the ball, he should always check around him before he drops the ball to


Failed Soccer Trick Shot

Famous Italian soccer player, Mario Balotelli, went viral yesterday, but it wasn't for a good reason. He tried to pull


Impressive Soccer-Volleyball Hybrid Game

Imagine a mix of soccer, volley ball, and acrobatics. That's what kick-volleyball looks like. Some of the moves don't even


Fat Kid Picks Up Shirt In Celebration At FIFA World Cup

America is proud to be too big, too much, and too fat. This little fat kid embodies the entire American