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Goalkeeper Scores Full Field Goal

Most American's could give a hoot about soccer, er, I mean football. But everyone will appreciate this full court shot. The Earthquakes'


Swedish Football Player Swaps Shirts With Fan

The famous Swedish soccer player, Josefine Öqvist, traded shirts with a lucky fan at a recent match. The clip was played


100 Kids Play Professional Japanese Soccer Team

Even if you're amazing at soccer, it's difficult to get the ball down the field when there are literally one


Teens Soccer Match Is Turned Into Professional Game

The mission was simple. Make a soccer match between a bunch of fourteen year olds into a dramatic, explosive, professional


Arsenal Soccer Fan Goes Crazy

Arsenal was playing Newcastle and their biggest fan couldn't make it. He was at home but he was still watching.


Baby Kicks Soccer Balls In Toy Chest

Most babies are just learning to walk. This kid is practicing for the FIFA World Cup. He kicks his toy


Soccer ball skills


Tornado Appears During Soccer Game

During a soccer game in Japan, out of no where a miniature tornado appeared. Kids and fans just run for


Bees Attack At Soccer Game

Hordes and hordes of bees took over at a soccer game. The players were forced to drop to the ground


Tanzanian Woman Shows Off Soccer Skills

Soccer, or football at it's properly called around the world, is especially big in Africa. One woman from Tanzania shows


Kid Kicks Soccer Ball, Bounces Back And Hits His Face

Here's a classic Fail video. I guess he's aiming for his friend's butt, and instead misses. He gets some nice


Amazing Soccer Tricks Hanging On Street Light

For most, climbing a street light and hanging is hard enough. Add in a soccer ball, and it's near impossible.