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20 January, 2020



Social experiment: We have more in common than that we are different

Of course, Heineken ends this video with a commercial for their nice green bottles of beer, but the premise is

Meme, Video

You don’t go on Facebook for a week


Comedian Hides Crackers Around Apartment To Test Girlfriend

Comedian Turner Barrowman asked himself a simple question. How many Ritz Bitz crackers could he hide around the house before


Guy Tries To Only Sleep Five Hours A Day By Only Taking Short Naps

Most of us feel like we don't get enough sleep and try our hardest to get more sleep. But instead


Jetblue Offers Free Flight Anywhere To Passengers On One Plane On Condition

Jetblue wanted to help bring the country together in a small way. So they offered everyone on one of their flights the


People React To Being Called Beautiful

We're funny creatures us humans. When made fun of or berated in front of others we often blush and become embarrassed.


Asking For A Free Bus Ride While Dressed Rich VS Dressed Poor

Swedish social experiment YouTube channel STHLM Panda decided to test how people are treated differently based on how they dress. First, the host


The Way Japanese Kids React To An Adult Dropping Their Wallet Is Precious

The Japanese are known around the world for their progressive high tech society that also honors their strong ancient traditions.


Dropping A Wallet On The Sidewalk Social Experiment Has Unexpected Ending

Dennis Cee wanted to conduct a social experiment. If he dropped his loaded wallet on the sidewalk of a busy street


Child Abduction Social Experiment At The Park

We all teach our kids not to talk to strangers, but do our kids really understand the gravity of the


Homeless Man Giving Passersby Money Experiment

Most people in big cities are accustomed to seeing homeless people on the side of the street asking for spare


When Passengers Asked To Be Let Off At A Bridge To Jump These Cab Drivers Wouldn’t Let Them Go

Pranksters and social experimenters Yousef of Fousey Tube and Roman Atwood wanted to capture the better side of humanity. The two ordered



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