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Toddler Freaks Out After First Taste Of Root Beer

It's very popular for new parents to post their kid's first taste of a lemon. The kids usually freak out…

Vending Machine Winner

There's no better feeling than buying a soda at a vending machine, and having two fall instead of one. Well,…

Funny White Girl Dancing Sun Drop Commercial

What's the recipe for a viral commercial? Apparently an awkwardly enthusiastic white girl dancing to Drop It Like It's Hot.…

Coca Cola Coke Happy Truck Commercial

The Coca Cola company truly is the king of marketing/propaganda. There is Coke in villages that don't have running water.…

Soda Exploding In Slow Motion

Watch the fizzy goodness burst from a shaken soda bottle. In slow motion it looks like chocolate silk. You know…

Frozen Coke, Self Freezing Coke From Hong Kong

Everyone talks about how China is ahead of America, well now it's official. They have cooler junk food than us.…


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