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Game Of Thrones Somebody That I Used To Know Parody

Ahh, there's nothing like the unexpected resurfacing of an older meme. When executed correctly and at the right moment, the


Gollum Sings LOTR-Themed Somebody I Used To Know Parody

I James Walters went viral with his two spot on impression musics videos where he sings I Dreamed A Dream and Mad World as


Somebody That I Used To Know Parody Using Old School Technology

With all the current Gangnam Style obsessing, it seems the the Internet already forgot about its love from the past summer, Somebody


Myles And Kolton Covers I Won’t Give Up By Jason Mraz

Myles And Kolton are two buddies who love to play music. Here, they cover I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz.


Gotye Creates Ultimate Somebody That I Used To Know Mash Up From YouTube Covers Of Their Song

So Gotye's mega hit Somebody That I Used To Know will no doubt go down as this year's top one hit


Some Music That I Used To Love Meta Gotye Spoof To End All Spoofs

By now, the whole world is sick of Gotye's one hit wonder Somebody That I Used To Know. The parodies


Jeremy Lin That I Used to Know Spoofs Gotye

Just as quickly as Lin-Sanity exploded onto the pop culture stage has Jeremy Lin stepped over the side lines. The


Somebody That I Used To Know And Call Me Maybe Mash Up

There's no question the two hottest songs this summer is Gotye's hit single Somebody That I Used to Know and now


Even Though We Are Sick Of It, We Can’t Help Singing Along With Gotye

All pop songs seem to traverse through the same cycle. The song debuts and quickly spreads, cherished by all. But


Somebody That I Used To Know Heavy Metal Cover

The Internet's favorite heavy metal adaptation artist 331Erock is back with another great cover. He chose the ever popular Somebody That I


Somebody That I Used To Know Star Wars Parody

Heaven knows it's been too long since the last Gotye spoof. Thankfully, Teddie Films just published a Star Wars themed parody


Somebody That I Used To Know Solo Arrangement On Guitar

Just when you were getting sick of Somebody That I Used To Know, guitar teacher Mike Dawes has gone viral with his guitar