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23 November, 2021



Sonic the Hedgehog In Real Life Is The Cutest

Super fast video games hero Sonic the Hedgehog has seen better days. Most kids barely even know who he is…

Facts About Sonic The Hedgehog

Back in the 90's there were only two video game franchises to choose from: Super Mario or Sonic. Even those…

First Person View Sonic The Hedgehog

Fans of the original Sonic the Hedgehog have reason to celebrate! The Mario world has been recreated in 3D multiple…

Amazingly Long Sonic The HedgeHog Flipbook Animation

BloodyRenegadeX made an epic flipbook animation of Sonic The Hedgehog 3. The animation looks like it's straight off a Sega¬†Genesis.…

Epic New Fan Made Sonic The Hedgehog Game Better Then Sega’s Sonic 4

Sega's got to be scratching their heads how a fan made game looks way cooler, and more fun than their…


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