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Explanation Why We Must Defend Net Neutrality

Many online users may be familiar with the term 'net neutrality' as it and SOPA were hot topics in 2012.…

Tell World’s Governments Keep The Internet #FreeAndOpen Google Commercial

For year now, governments around the world, including the United Nations, have been trying to stifle, control, and censor the Internet, the…

Google Independence Day Support Free And Open Internet

The Internet has truly changed the world we live in. Soon, historians will separate time based on BG and AG (Before Google,…

The Day The LOLcats Died – SOPA/PIPA Parody

Today, enormous websites like Wikipedia and Reddit are voluntarily down to help spread the word about Internet censorship bills SOPA/PIPA, and how…

Explaining SOPA And How It Will Destroy The Internet

Technology buffs and Internet users in the know are up in arms about a recent bill being proposed in the…



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