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Surprising People With Puppies

It's hard to find something that everyone likes. But puppies... Everyone can actually agree that puppies are awesome. To prove


Couples Grow Closer By Staring At Each Other For Four Minutes

According to the New York Times, holding uninterrupted eye contact with a person for four long minutes can increase intimacy. Soul Pancake wanted


What The Holidays Would Look Like If Kids Were In Charge Is Adorable

Everyone knows how Christmas is supposed to look. Santa Claus has a snowy, white beard and the Christmas tree is covered in


A Pep Talk From Kid President And Grover

Soul Pancake's Kid President has done a lot in his career. But now he has officially 'made it' as he


Kid President’s Message To Baby’s First Day

Kid President of Soul Pancake has a message for new people.  Baby, life is awesome and hard all at the same time.


Kid President’s 20 Things We Should Say More Often

We all need to be nicer to each other. Especially on the Internet. But being nice is difficult sometimes, so


Kid President’s Pep Talk To Teachers And Students

School is back in session! To inspire and motivate both teachers and students, Kid President of SoulPancake stars in this new


Kid President Interviews Beyonce

Kid President--the popular kid who has been 'elected' President of the Internet by Rain Wilson's Soul Pancake channel--is a regular viral


How To Make A Viral Video ‘All Star’ By Smash Mouth Parody

Pop punk favorite Dave Days stars in this How to Make a Viral Video music video which parodies the Smash Mouth one-hit-wonder All Star. The


Giant Camera On The Street Snaps People’s Joy

SoulPancake loves making the Internet a nicer and happier place, one video at a time. In their latest video they placed


Heart Surgeon Discusses Holding The Human Heart

This Soul Pancake piece originally aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network as a part of their special on love. Now that they have


Zach Sobiech’s Last Days Documentary

Seventeen year old Zach Sobiech has become somewhat of an Internet celebrity. With only months to live after fighting a rare