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You Can Hear The Difference Between Hot And Cold Water

Steve Mould made a little guest video for Tom Scott demonstrating to us that we hace a super power! "Hot


Dubstep Made Out Of Bird Sounds

MysteryGuitarMan put together some sounds performed by birds and made a dubstep song out of it. Probably the best one,


Classic Soundtrack For Eating Currwurst By The Berlin Orchestra

Director Boris Seewald put together ten delightful videos for the Konzerthaus Berlin. With #klangberlins you get to see typical things


Listen To The Crazy Sound Of This Drone!

quadmovr does not only impress us with crazy steering of his little and totally weird sounding drone, but also with


Fainting Man In Rollercoaster Set To Windows Sounds

ThierryTuyishimeTV uploaded this edit of a ever-fainting man in a rollercoaster set to the Windows sounds of booting / shutting


Imperial March Played On A Coffee Stirrer

Not only fans of "Star Wars" are gonna love this video by Истории Рабиновича that is going viral right now


Eminem’s ‘Rap God’ Sung By Animals

Another animal cover by Insane Cherry who lets the dogs out to "woof, woof, woof-woof" the track "Rap God" by

Dog Sounds Like a Tie Fighter From Star Wars

Andrew Saunders gives us this little "Behind the scenes sound effects", showing us, how George Lucas came up with the


Acoustic Levitation

The Argonne National Lab of the the U.S. Department of Energy has unearthed real life magic using only sound waves. The connection isn't