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South African Fast Food Chain Creates Hamburgers With Braille Written With Sesame Seeds On Bun Describing Sandwich For Blind Patrons

Any proper chef knows that presentation is a huge part of creating any delicious dish, because people truly eat with…

Lion Likes To Play Soccer

This video was posted online in August, but only now is going viral, thanks to being shared on sites like…

Mountain Biker Hit By Huge Running Antelope

Mountain Biker, Evan van der Spuy was biking through South Africa when he was hit by a¬†huge Red¬†Hartebeest running at…

Reggie Watts Stars In Nando’s Beatbox Commercial

South African restaurant, Nando's, hired Reggie Watts to be part of a viral marketing campaign. Reggie created an exciting beatbox…

South African Remix

YouTuber Fagottron is famous for his incredible remix songs. He went to South Africa and filmed all over the country.…



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