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Virgin Galactic First Feather Space Shuttle Test Flight

NASA may have run out of money, and the Space Shuttle may have been retired, but that doesn't mean America…

Cat Goes To Space Russian Lotto Commercial

A cat and its owner are watching television when a program about animals in space comes on. The cat looks at its…

Space Shuttle Made Out Of People

In honor of the Space Shuttle Program's 30-year legacy, NASA employees created a human made Space Shuttle in the parking…

Space Shuttle Launch Seen From Airplane

On a flight leaving Orlando, Florida, the space shuttle, Discovery, is recorded by passengers.

NASA Unofficial Commercial

After getting frustrated with the lame marketing for NASA, someone made their own. NASA and science are so important, but…

Virgin Galactic First Commercial Passenger Space Ship Footage

Finally, the future is coming. I'm sure in the next couple of decades this will become more standard. Billionaire, Sir…

Father And Son Send Camcorder Into Space!

This father and son team set out to do the coolest homemade science experiment ever. After months of research and…

NASA Engineer Dancing ‘The Robot’ Next To New Mars Rover ‘Curiosity’

What a cool nerd. He was asked by someone in a NASA chat room to dance in view of the live…


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