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Spaghetti Eating Contest Between Golden Retriever And German Shepherd Is Hilarious

Besides for Lady And The Tramp, dogs don't really eat spaghetti. Well, except for Bragd Birger's dogs. His Golden Retriever and his German…

Kid Falls Asleep In Plate Of Pasta

It's been done before, but that doesn't make this adorable video any less cute. Way back in 2007, Jason Griffith uploaded…

Twins Fall Asleep While Eating Spaghetti

In America, it's been a long standing tradition of feeding toddlers spaghetti with the full knowledge they will instantly become…

Dog And Bird Share Spaghetti

This video from 2009 only went viral now. Remember the Lady And The Tramp's romantic spaghetti scene? Well, here's an…

Cooking Pasta In Frying Pan Saves Time And Water

The worst part about spaghetti is waiting so long for that huge pot of water to boil. And it's also…

Inventor Shows How To Use Special Spaghetti Fork

Inventor Bob shows us a product we never knew we needed. In his simplistic style commercial, Bob unveils the The Original Pasta Fork. It's…

Cute Baby Girl Eating Spaghetti

Little kids love spaghetti. I used to use the same strategy. Shovel in as much as I can and chomp…



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