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What Marvel Movies Really Look Like Without Special Effects

Marvel movies have taken over the world and people who haven't seen at least one movie out of the Marvel


Red VS Blue Featuring Every Red And Blue Character Ever

Every nerd fondly remembers the now classic Web series Red VS Blue starring hilarious army characters in the original Xbox


Gun Juggler Short Film

It's amazing. Special effects that were once groundbreaking and cost Hollywood studios countless millions of dollars to make can now


Lego Ghostbusters

The new Ghostbusters movie is set to debut, even if most people on the Web don't seem to pleased about it... Digitalwizardz decided to


Real Life Lego Star Wars Battle

Today, Lego and Star Wars go together like peanut butter and jelly. There are countless Lego Star Wars toys and


Magical Flying Dog

Ever wonder what it would look like if your dog had magic powers? Apparently, special effects master Scott DW was wondering just


Fruit Ninja In Real Life

A few years ago, special effects video master Scott DW brought the popular smartphone game Fruit Ninja to life. That video has over


Turning Anything Into Legos

One of the most famous toys in the world is Legos. Nearly every child, no matter the culture or nationality,


If Spike Jonze Made The Halo Movie

Hollywood director Spike Jonze is famous for his deep and emotionally enthralling award winning films. The special effects nerds at Corridor Digital wondered


Every Best Visual Effects Winner Ever

Special effects have been around since the dawn of film. Movies like The Matrix and Star Wars are famous for


Elder Wars

As they say, kids will be kids, and it's understandable when they get into a fight. But grownups, we're supposed


What It Would Be Like To Visit A Roller Coaster Tycoon Park

Even though it's years old at this point, Roller Coaster Tycoon is still extremely popular. It practically invented the tycoon-strategy