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New World Record Super Mario Bros Beaten In Under Five Minutes

Super Mario Brothers for the original Nintendo is easily the most famous video game in the world. It is one…

Fight Club In 60 seconds

The first rule of Fight Club is... oops almost broke the first two rules. In case you aren't familiar with…

Pulp Fiction Speedrun

The speedrun animation studio 1A4STUDIO, who specializes in making 60 second covers of popular films, continues to churn out hit videos.  This…

Bladerunner In 60 Seconds

The animated speed-run masters of 1A4STUDIO have debuted their latest movie in 60 seconds adaption over the weekend. In just one minute…

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas One Minute Speed Run

Animation studio 1A4STUDIO continues to churn out one minute speed run adaptations of popular Hollywood films. The trippy 1998 film Fear And…

‘Aliens’ In 60 seconds Speedrun

The speed run masters at 1A4 STUDIO are back. After reproducing fan favorites such as Back To The Future in a sixty second…



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