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i must proceed at a high velocity 


Martial Arts Master Attempts Katana World Record

He is pretty quick! Guinness World Records uploaded this video showing Isao Machii cutting some wood martial arts style. "This


IndyCar VisorCam

Indycar Series uploaded this interesting point of view ride with racer Graham Rahal. This already got over 600,000 views on


Rhett And Link Do The Speed Listening Challenge

In this issue of Good Mythical Morning hosts Rhett and Link try to listen really fast. Nonetheless this video is


1000 Degree Red Hot Rocket Knife

About two weeks ago we had the incredible fast 150mph rocket knife, now TheBackyardScientist replayed with the highspeed knife, except


Listen To The Crazy Sound Of This Drone!

quadmovr does not only impress us with crazy steering of his little and totally weird sounding drone, but also with


The Fastest Ship The World Has Ever Seen

The "Francisco" is the world's first high-speed ferry that uses liquefied natural gas (LNG) as primary fuel. Humans At Sea


Incredible Fast 150 mph Rocket Knife

Another silly experiment by TheBackyardScientist showing us that the only thing that can be quicker than a high speed knife


100mph RC Car Destruction In Slow Motion

The Slow Mo Guys put a lot of "don't try this at home" in their newest video. This super fast


Ken Block Drifts London With Matt LeBlanc

In this special director's cut from "Top Gear", drifting king Ken Block shows actor Matt LeBlanc, who is "Friends" with


Star Wars Speeder Bike Jetovator Battle in Real Life!

devinsupertramp did his very own version of the iconic speeder bike battle from "Star Wars" - and it got pretty


First Time Go-kart Rider Doesn’t Know How To Break

Oh wow... Nikola Milicevic was filming the first time his girlfriend got to drive Go-karts with him. And he surely