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Baby Spider Nest Explosion

The Internet has a special place in its heart for spiders. On one hand, the eight legged creatures are terrifying,…

Newscast Falls Apart When Anchors Run Off Set Scared Of Tarantula Brought By Guest

Most people aren't big fans of spiders, but the weatherman for Indianapolis's Fox 59¬†is really terrified of them. A guest…

Little Boy Thinks Fly’s Mom Will Save It From Spider Web

Remember the adorable little boy who went viral fishing with his dad for the first time? Well, little Teddy is…

Spider Wraps Its Prey Amazingly Quickly

Some dude captured a huge wasp, and made it duel with a similarly sized spider that had made a web…

Ant Battles Spider

I'll be honest. I don't really understand what's going on in this video. An ant and spider duel in a…

Spiders With Peacock Tails

People who suffer from arachnophobia¬†please turn away. Actually, I can barely watch these peacock spiders. The rare spiders have tails…


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