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If Cell Phone Commercials Were Honest

These days, it's hard to not see yet another cell phone commercial on billboards, TV, or online. Or better yet,


Tinder: The Superhero Movie Fake Trailer

Superhero movies have become a staple at the cineplex. It's hard to go out to watch a movie without at


Hilarious Explanation Of The Universe In 4 Minutes

The infinite universe is literally to large to grasp. The smartest scientists can spend their entire lives studying and barely scratch the surface


SNL’s Dead Poets Society Spoof Has Outrageous Surprise Ending

This trending sketch from Saturday Night Live at first seems like just another boring parody. Viewers instantly were reminded of Dead Poets Society.


Celebrities Sing Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is a classic. What kid didn't grow up watching the musical by Disney? Actress, singer, and comedian Christina Bianco rejuvenated


If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans

Most people couldn't care less what you do or don't eat. Just keep it to yourself. Awaken With JP pokes fun at


I’m On A Boat Performed With Classroom Instruments On The Tonight Show

Before Andy Samberg was a big shot movie star he was apart of the comedy rap group The Lonely Island.


100 Years Of Kitten Beauty

By now, you've most likely seen those videos by Cut of different forms of fashion and beauty over the past century from


How Social Media Is Ruining Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is here! And countless young people will go online to express their love for mom. But this doesn't


The People You Meet On An Airplane

A flight can be ruined just by having a bad neighbor sitting next to you. Talk, stinking, or snoring, they


Black Donald Trump Stars In They Love Me Music Video

Donald Trump is famous for his crass one liners. It's one reason why so many people totally hate or completely


Every Sports Debate Show Ever

Even for die-hard fans, sports analysts shows can get tiring quick. Especially in between seasons. How many times can you dissect