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How College is Funded?

23 November, 2021



São Paulo Neighborhood Erupts In Cheers When Brazil Scores

Remember that game Brazil played recently? And remember their passionate fans during World Cup 2014? This footage is probably exactly…

Bowling Disaster

When you have never thrown a bowling ball in your life, please practice first before doing so. Ugly things can…

When You And Your Mates Go Snowboarding For The First Time

Snowboarding is good fun, especially when you know how to do it. It also makes for an excellent teambuilding exercise…

Thomas Train Stunts

Thomas Train toys can be pretty extreme, depending on your set-up. This guy took playing with trains to a whole…

Grandma Shows Off Impressive Tambourine Skills At Football Game

When the game isn't that interesting, at least this skilled grandma is worth paying attention to. Mad skills granny! [embed][/embed]

Miniature Action Sports

Miniature action sports doesn't sound too extreme, but don't make up your mind too fast! These fingers take you on…

America’s Navy Skateboard Big Air Final | X Games Minneapolis 2017

In case you missed it - this is a full broadcast of nothing but skating! [embed][/embed]

Pretending To Be Klay Thompson

With those looks? How hard can it be? [embed][/embed]

We Have A New Member Today!

Exercise class is about to be a whole lot cuter... [embed][/embed]

NBL China Mental Team Fight On The Court

So far for basketball being a non-contact sport... [embed][/embed]

Bush Pig Loves Soccer

Are we looking at the new furry Lionel Messi here? [embed][/embed]

Bamboo Skates Highway 101

A new hype is building among our dogs... [embed][/embed]


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