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Comic book fans mourn loss of ‘one of the greats’ | Stan Lee Dies At Age 95

Shock among comic book fans upon learning of the death of Stan Lee. The comic book titan, who dreamed up


Jim Henson VS Stan Lee Epic Rap Battle

Most nerds are familiar with Stan Lee. He's the brainchild of the entire Marvel superhero world. Ya, all those Marvel movies cluttering


Stan Lee Rants About The Dentist

Superhero creator Stan Lee has a bone to pick with dentists. He doesn't mind the actual painful procedures, or even


Stan Lee Rants About 3D Movies

Just like in the 50's, the film studios are trying to shove 3D movies down the throats of movie-goers, but


Stan Lee On The ‘Science’ Of Marvel Superheroes

Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel comics, is no scientist, but one might assume otherwise from the semi-scientific explanations he offered


Stan Lee Marvel Creator Sends Message To Teen Shot Taft Union High School

Terrifyingly, sixteen year old high school student Bowe Cleveland was recently shot at the Taft Union High School shooting along with others  After