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Star Wars: An Unlikely Story

Not everything the Star Wars saga touches turns into gold. Hard to believe, I know, but here's your proof fam.


Mark Hamill Surprises Fellow Actor Adam Scott

A meet and greet with one of the biggest movie stars of all time is on many bucket-lists, but Adam

Meme, Video

Samuel L Jackson and The Force

Meme, Video

Good Good Let The Butthurt Flow Through You


Star Wars Cat


Make Your Own Cool Origami Yoda

The power you have Yoda to build! At least with this creative tutorial by Origami Plus. "No Force Required. :-)


If Star Wars Took Place Today

nigahiga did place THE saga in today and got over two million views on this comedic take within two days.


3 Animatronic Yodas Battle Each Other

DIY Prophacks put three Yodas to the test, who will fight the best and gained over 600,000 views with it.


How Star Wars Rogue One Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended again got a trending video on YouTube, this time telling us (and Disney!) how the


Epic Star Wars C-3PO Body Paint Time Lapse

Nice body paint by KayPikeFashion who changed herself from a pretty lady to an even prettier humanoid. Well done! "You


The Untold Truth Of Rogue One

Some "Star Wars" knowledge coming your way... Looper uploaded this "Untold Truth" video about the most recent flick of the


Famous Star Wars Scene Recreated With Cats

"The Empire Scratches Back" by Pasdidée presents us the legendary "I am your father!" scene from Star Wars - Episode