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Volkswagen Darth Vader Commercial Super Bowl 2011

One little dude dressed as Darth Vader tries to us the Force on anything he can, but his powers are…

Star Wars Tron Mash Up

I can't believe it, but somehow the Trol Legacy trailer sound matches perfectly with Star Wars. It's a nerd-asm!

Ryan VS Brandon Light Saber Battle

Ryan battles Brandon in an epic light saber battle. These nerds truly are Jedis. The effects and fight action are…

Benny Hinn – Minister Dark Sith Lord

You know those outrageous church leaders that 'heal' sick people in their community. They have bad backs and after he…

Minnesota Snow Death Star Run

The blizzard in Minnesota was so much snow that clearing the sidewalk made a deep trench. What would a nerd…

Alternate Return Of The Jedi Ending – Death Star Debris Burns Endor

Lando Calrissian and the rest of the Rebellion never anticipated that the destruction of the Death Star would end like…

Light Saber Kinect Hack

Using tracking and rendering, the Kinect connected to a PC, can make a stick a a light saber complete with…

Jedi Kung Fu Bear Cuts Himself

The famous Kung Fu Bear, then turned Jedi Bear, should be more careful. One wrong swing and OH SH**!  

Family Guy Return Of Jedi Spoof Trailer

Family Guy finishes its trilogy of Star Wars spoofs. This is the trailer for their last spoof It's A Trap!…

How Dads Should Talk To Their Kids About Star Wars

Stars Wars to many dads is as important as Sunday football and/or church. But there are many questions dads need…

iPhone Augmented Virtual Reality Star Wars Game: Tie Fighters Attack New York

Test footage from an early version of Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner. The iPhone camera makes what you are pointing at…

Four Year Old Jawa Halloween Costume

Coolest parents and costume ever. Sadly, this four year old will never be able to out do this costume.


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