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C3PO, R2D2 Star Wars Currys And PC World Commercial

3PO and R2D2 break into a Currys And PC World Mega Store and mess around. They find Star Wars playing on


Star Wars Beethoven Style

This rendition of the famous Darth Vader theme is accurate and articulate. It has a Beethoven feel to the chilling


Paper Star Wars

This video encompasses the entire original Star Wars trilogy, made entirely from paper. Instead of classic, dramatic John Williams music,


Jason Derulo Ridin Solo – Han Solo Parody Spoof By MC Chris

The first time I heard the original Ridin Solo song, all I could think of was Han Solo. I'm glad


How The Empire Strikes Back Should Have Ended

We finally see the way The Empire Strikes Back was intended to end. Darth Vader is thrilled to learn about


Princess Leia VS Ace Ventura

Some editor cut Ace Ventura into Return of the Jedi. Princess Leia and her Ewok friend hear a noise. They


The Solo Adventures – Star Wars Short Animated Film

We are taken on a short adventure with Han Solo and Chewbacca. The robot is IG-88, assassin droid and bounty


ESPN Admiral Ackbar Mississippi Commercial

'A short time ago, in a land not so far away, Ole Miss faced the tall task of selecting a


Midichlorian Rhapsody – Star Wars Prequels Bohemian Rhapsody Spoof

An awesome Star Wars themed parody of the classic Queen rock song Bohemian Rhapsody. They go through the story of


Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – NEW Luke Building His Lightsaber Missing Scene

Here we see a short missing scene from Return Of The Jedi. Darth Vader calls to Luke telepathically, and we


EPIC Lando Calrissian Trailer – BlackStar Warrior

This trailer is straight out of the late 70's with that Shaft style and attitude. I'll be honest, it's so


Every Light Saber Ignition And Retraction

Going in order of the six Star Wars movies, we see every time a light saber is turned on. Then