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Nerds Try To Pick Girls Using Starcraft Lingo

Picking up girls is hard when you're a nerd. Most of the time girls aren't interested in Star Trek, programming,…

Working Lego Starcraft Tank

The Siege Tank in the Starcraft world is a feared unit. In siege mode, the tank becomes immobile, but also extends…

Girl Asks Boy To Prom With Starcraft Love Song

There have been a number of creative prom asking videos recently. This nerdy sweetheart plays a touching parody of the Mariokart Love Song.…

My Little Pony Starcraft 2 Trailer Mash Up

My Little Pony is the last thing I think of when I'm playing Starcraft. But StubbornlyObsolete obviously saw the connection between the…

Funny Black Guy Playing Starcraft

We'll admit it, Starcraft's demographic is nerdy, white, single, young males. Not funny black people. In this game, a hilarious…

SCV Starcraft Love Song

Love songs and Starcraft don't usually mix well. Nerd Alert somehow made it work though. The nerd band sings an…

Starcraft Justin Bieber Baby Spoof – Banelings

I never thought I there would be a connection Justin Bieber and Starcraft. Mind = blown.

Coolest Starcraft Terran Marine Costumes

These guys better win the Halloween costume contest.

Starcraft 2 Song

People take their video games damn seriously. Song about loving Starcraft 2.



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