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Stephen Colbert Tells Obama He Misses Him Via Microwave

You would things couldn't get more ridiculous. Kellyanne Conway thinks otherwise, as she claimed that former President Obama has spied


Andrew Garfield And Idina Menzel Star In A Movie Written By Kids

What at the first look seems like a total rip off from the Tonight Show actually IS a rip off.


Billy On The Street With Stephen Colbert

This recent video of "Billy on the Streets" by TruTV is trending right now. No wonder, late night show host


It’s The End Of The Year As We Know It

Stephem Colbert got to sing his very own version of the R.E.M. classic hit "It's The End Of The World


Stephen Colbert Is Charlie Brown In The Late Show’s Christmas Special

The Late Show did publish a bit showing host Stephen Colbert in the animated style of Charlie Brown, resulting in


Stephen Colbert’s Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

When the turkey speaks the side dishes shut up. Late Show host Stephen Colbert paid Butterball a visit to help


Alton Brown Makes Ice Cream In 10 Seconds

This may be the fastest Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream ever created. Carbonated by Alton Brown, with a little help of

Stephen Helps President Obama Polish His Résumé

Having the president in a late night show is a pretty safe win, regarding viewing numbers. Stephen Colbert hat Barack

First Lady Michelle Obama Does Her Best Barack Impression

Being guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert the First Lady Michelle Obama showed off her impersonating skills, imitating


Jon Stewart Takes Over The Late Show

After disappearing into obscurity after stepping down from The Daily Show, Internet favorite John Stewart made a special apperance on


Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun On Stage At Republican National Convention

Late night host Stephen Colbert has made a career out of poking fun at the stereotypical older Republican leader. But he


Cartoon Donald Trump Returns To The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Last week, Stephen Colbert brought a very special and unique guest onto his late night show, The Late Show. It