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Stephen Colbert Says Goodbye To John Stewart And The Daily Show

As most television and online viewers already know, David Letterman recently announced he will be retiring from the Late Show…

Stephen Colbert Wonderful Pistachios Super Bowl Commercial

The Internet loves Stephen Colbert so it's no surprise this Wonderful Pistachios' Super Bowl commercial starring the Colbert Report favorite is so…

Hugh Laurie And Stephen Colbert Recite Obscenities

NSFW language  The four big broadcast networks are arguing to the FCC that cable is stealing their thunder as cable…

Stephen Colbert Delivers University Of Virginia Valedictory Address

It's that time of year again. Every year when the weather begins to warm countless prestigious institutions rally famous celebrities…

Very Young Stephen Colbert In FirsTier Bank Commercial

YouTuber Ron Patrick said he was spring cleaning and found a VHS with this fantasticly cheesy commercial starring a very young Steven…

Stephen Colbert Northwestern Graduation Speech 2011

June is a time of ice cold drinks, parties, graduations, and, most importantly, celebrity commencement speech speakers. NorthWestern was lucky…

Ambiguously Gay Duo In Live Action On SNL

Last night on SNL, The Ambiguously Gay Duo made a return to television. It was a special episode because the short…

Stephen Colbert Performs Friday By Rebecca Black On Jimmy Fallon

Colbert made a promise to Jimmy and he kept it. They made a deal if Fallon could raise $26,000 for charity, Stephen…

John Conyers Asks Stephen Colbert To Leave Hearing Room

John Conyers is the cure to all insomniacs. CLICK HERE TO HEAR STEPHEN COLBERT'S TESTIMONY!!

Stephen Colbert Testifies At House Judiciary Hearing On The State Of Agricultural Jobs 9/24/10

Stephen Colbert stays in character and makes great jokes at the House judiciary Hearing on the state of agricultural jobs…



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