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Steven Spielberg VS Alfred Hitchcock Epic Rap Battle

If you asked a group of people to name one of the most famous movie directors today, most would answer Steven


Man Stars In Dreamworks Resume By Interviewing Steven Spielberg From 1993

Like countless other artists and creators, CJ has dreamed of working at world-renowned animation studio Dreamworks. But after sending in


Steven Spielberg’s “Obama” Parody Played At White House Correspondents Dinner 2013

The annual White House Correspondents Dinner was just held this Saturday, hosted by none other than Coco Conan O'Brien. As


Honest Trailer Of Jurassic Park

Nerds are thrilled, or terribly disappointed, that Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park is returning to theaters in 3D. As the blockbuster is hitting the


Ultimate Jurassic Park Star Wars Mash Up

One Minute Galactica teamed up with Slacktory to publish this uber nerdy Star Wars vs Jurassic Park mash up. Thinking outside of the box,


Henry Thomas Childhood Audition Tape For ET

This vintage video clip was published last week and has gone viralviral, standing with over 1.5 million views. The clip


Lincoln Trailer

Nearly anything Steven Spielberg touches turns to gold, and it seems his latest work is no exception. Simply titled Lincoln, Spielberg


Raiders Of The Lost Arc Side By Side Comparison To Classic Adventure Films

It's difficult to find great art that wasn't inspired by some other great piece. The same is true in film.


The Spielberg Face

World renown movie directer Steven Spielberg has many repeating themes and camera tricks that recur over and over in his