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Sting Reads Funny Love Texts

In the newest segment of "First Textual Experience" in "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon got singer Sting to read…

Jimmy Fallon Sings ‘Roxanne’ With Barbershop Quartet And Sting

Now that he's been on TV for a couple years, Jimmy Fallon has a slew of original popular sketches and series on…

Sting Sings Cellphone Ringtones On The Tonight Show

While hosting legendary singer Sting on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon asked the famous singer to sing some classic cellphone ringtones.…

James O’Keefe Claims To Catch NYU Professors And The New York Times Favors Obama

James O'Keefe is a conservative activist best known for releasing a video in 2009 that seemed to show ACORN helping…



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