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Will Arnett’s LEGO Batman Toy Shop Prank

Besides walking over a bed of Legos (voice) actor Will Arnett also is keen on being part of entertaining pranks.


Rings TV Store Pranks Lets Samara Climb Out Of Real Televisions

Paramount Pictures hit the jackpot with their new promo for the upcoming movie "Rings". Costumers in a tv store got


Guy Annoys Girlfriend With Silly Puns At Ikea

Ahh, Ikea, the place so many of us end up on the weekend to buy stuff we don't need when


Prankster Exposes Bad Customer Service When You Call To Ask If Product Is In Stock

Don't you hate when you call a big box store to ask if they have a product in stock only


The Mannequin Mob Prank At The Gap In New York City

Mannequins are a normal part of any clothing store. As an ingenious prank, Improv Everywhere sent 40 people wearing white mannequin costumes


Flock Of Ducks Invade CVS

YouTuber Aplue was shopping at CVS when "there was an incident." A flock of ducks somehow found their way into the popular


The Matrix In Real Life Prank At Macy’s

As a part of their continuing Movies In Real Life series, Improv Everywhere sent Neo shopping at Macy's. You know, for one


Belligerent Customer Is Carried Out Of Store

Jarp12 reports that a customer came to his electronics store to sell some used merchandise, but he had to refuse the


Haunted Shopping Cart Prank At Target

Hilarious and creative Magician Rahat has again pulled a fast one for YouTube viewers to enjoy. With pre-approval from Target, he fashioned


Middle Of The Night At 7-11 Circa 1987

Every now and then, a video from the past will appear online, giving viewers a glimpse into the past.  Back


The World’s Shortest Escalator

Some conveniences are only worthwhile if they actually bypass a real chore, like an escalator in place of walking up


Man Requests Doughnuts To Be Assembled Into Olympics Symbol At Krispy Kreme

Like so many others around the world, Dukie Ajah is a little self-conscious. To try and break out of his shell, he has just