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Stampeding Horde Fights Over Cell Phones At Walmart Black Friday 2012

This is one of those videos that there are countless copies of, but no one is sure who the original


Dressing As A Store Employee On Black Friday Prank

Many Americans take Black Friday very seriously, so naturally, Prank vs Prank had to take advantage of the special 'holiday.' In a genius


Angry Man Destroys T-Mobile Store In England

With so many teens racking up hundreds of dollars in cell phone texting bills, it's amazing there aren't more fathers


Rob Dyrdek Walks Through Glass Door

Robert Dyrdek and Steelo Brim were talking at a DC Shoe store about the movie Chronicle and superpowers when Robert brought


Teens Destroy, Trash Big Box Stores

Horribly spoiled entitled kids actually thought it would be fun to create a YouTube channel dedicated to making messes in big box stores. They


Black Friday Shoppers Rush Urban Outfitters

This video of an Urban Outfitters in the Thousand Oaks Mall in California has become one of the most trending


Mass Flash Mob Theft At Silver Spring 7-11

Mass flash mob style robberies continue to strike small convenience stores across the country. Silver Spring police are releasing this security


Mockumentary About Bodega Cats

Bodegas are an essential part of New York City. The little convenience stores are everywhere, and there always seem to


Artist Buyout Small NYC Grocery And Resell Items As ‘Art’

A group of self proclaimed artist went to Hercules Fancy Grocery in Manhattan and bought out the store. Then they slapped outrageous prices


Store Clerk Takes Robber’s Gun, Kicks Them Out Of Store

When you are being robbed at gun point, it's a bad idea to fight your attackers. But this store clerk


Making People Paranoid Talking About Them On The Phone

Our hero walks up behind people just doing some boring shopping and pretends to talk to someone about them. He


Nonsense At Walmart

First, our master troll went to the parking lot to spew nonsense at innocent bystanders. Now he's in the Walmart.