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Storm Troopers Escort Kid Dressed As Kylo Ren

There's a reason why Disney is famous aroudn the world for making magic come to life. They take their mission…

Storm Troopers Dance To Pop Songs On Britain’s Got Talent

Just when you thought the Internet had had enough with all those 'Got Talent' shows, this latest clip from Britain's Got…

Mark Hamill Goes Undercover As A Stormtrooper

It's almost here! The new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, is only two weeks away! To hold nerds of the world…

Stormtroopers Dance In Beat Calls Music Video

This new music video by ScottDW has gone viral with over 325,000 hits.  Besides for enjoying the catchy tune, Beat Calls, viewers…

CGI Stormtroopers Dancing To LMFAO Party Rock Anthem

The Internet is covered with countless covers, dances, and parodies of the LMFAO hit single Party Rock Anthem. Even though…


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