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Bear Enjoys Snack on Blanket

Bear Enjoys Snack on Blanket Have you ever seen someone feed a bear with a spoon? If not that can


Cats Jump At The Same Time And Land Directly On Top Of Each Other

Cats Jump Up at the Same Time and Land On Each Other Today we have a very strange video to


Man Survives Terrorist Attacks In Boston, Paris, Brussels

It's of course terrible and terrifying when a terror attack strikes. But thankfully, the odds of being hurt in a terror


Rainbow Bagels Are Stunning And Really Weird

Remember green and purple Heinz ketchup? It was cool at first, but most consumers over the age of 5 were


Girl Demonstrates The Extreme Hypermobility Of Her Hands

Most of use knew that one kid in school who had a double jointed arm or wrist. Well Taryn Eason puts all


CNN Spoofs ‘Too Many Cooks’ With Election 2016 Politicians

Too Many Cooks is the outrageous viral video by Adult Swim that parodies 1980's and 90's sitcom introductions. The fake intro just


Polyphonic Overtone Singing Is Crazy Weird

What exactly is polyphonic overtone singing? Professional singer Anna-Maria Hefele explains that it is the art of singing two notes at the


GANGNAM STYLE Without The Music

YouTuber Moto2h wondered what the music video for PSY's KPop super sensation, Gangnam Style, would be like without the music. Just the


Mark Oxner Strange Political Ad – Turn This Ship Around

Strange and peculiar political ads online are nothing. Without the need for a big budget to pay to run a TV commercial,


Hands – Up & Over It, Strange Hands And Feet Choreography Dance

Suzanne Cleary & Peter Harding of Up And Over It went viral back in 2010 with their in sync hand choreography dance to


Jazz Band Uses Tractor Engine For Drum Beat

This video from the summer of 2010 had almost no views, until suddenly going viral this new year. A Swedish


Explaining The Mimic Octopus

This video covering the Mimic Octopus from 2010 has been gaining in popularity since October. Mark Norman explains the strange