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The Little-Known Patterns On British Streets

Maybe you have noticed ripped stones on the sidewalks of your town or other ones you have visited? These are


Don’t Talk Into The Mic And Win $10

A neat little game from Jimmy Kimmel Live that got to ask people on the street, whether they want to


Billy On The Street Asks Gay People Whether They Care About John Oliver

Another extremely funny video from Billy On The Street showing Emmy award winner John Oliver shadowing Billy hitting the streets


Street Lamp Saves Woman’s Life

Portal Fakty Kaliskie posted this video of various camera directions showing us the crash of two cars at a Polish


Giant Sinkhole Gets Repaired In Two Minutes

Of course these Japanese street workers needed a little longer than two minutes, but for this really gigantic sinkhole in


Rémi Gaillard Gives Away 500 Euro To People On The Street

Normally prankster Rémi Gaillard is pretty mean to people. But in this case, there is no hatch. He just surprises


Smart Speedbump Changes Based On Car Speed

Everyone is annoyed by speed bumps, but most of us understand the safety reasoning behind them. But what about us


Car Ignores Biker In Lane And Just Merges Anyways, Is Immediately Pulled Over

After biking for some time now, CrashTestDave has learned to always wear a helmet camera to capture bad drivers on video. While


Motorcyclist Grabs Foot Of Girl That Was Sticking Out Of Car Window. On The Highway

This whole video is one big example of do not try this at home. While biking down the highway, motorcycle


Dashcamera Captures Moment Small Airplane Lands On Busy California Avenue

Now that cameras are so prevalent everywhere these days, more and more unique and otherwise ridiculous random scenes are being


Rock Band Takes Club Concert To The Street

The heavy metal band  was performing a rocking concert in Singapore in a tiny packed club. Things got so heavy, the guitarists took to


Father Son Drums Duo On The Street

Most people walking down the street in busy cities don't stop for the street musicians and performers. Only the exceptional stick out