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Staffy's Stuck in a Sticky Situation

Staffy’s Stuck in a Sticky Situation

[rumble][/rumble] This is our 10-month-old Staffy, Narla, who loves sticks. Sometimes she finds herself in a bit of a pickle


They got stuck in the mud and needed to be pulled out!

Kids Stuck In Mud Needed To Be Pulled Out! We got a dirty video today for you. A couple kids


Hilarious Rescue Of A Fat Bike Stuck On An Electric Fence

This is a lot more entertaining than it should be! These guys got a fat bike stuck on an electric


Why Do Songs Get Stuck In Your Head?

Vanessa Hill from BrainCraft talks about earworms, why the happen and how you can get rid of them. Most of


Cats Getting Stuck In Things Compilation

This video by MrFunnyMals only got about 13.000 views - but whatever: cats! "Cats are really the masters of getting

Girl Gets Head Stuck In Pumpkin

This is so great because it seems as if it would be acted but is real all along. What an

Rescuing a Skunk From a Coke Can

YouTuber SkeptiSketch describes this act of kindness as "The bravest thing I've ever done" and got rewarded with over 3