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Drive In Fail

No clue how this person got themselves into this situation, but after watching the video, they definitely can't get out…

Blind People Tell Us Which Questions Annoy Them The Most

To be blind is hard enough in itself, but when people start to ask you weird questions... It's even worse.…

People Reveal Their Password On Camera

- How strong is your password? - Strong. - How strong? - Well, it's 63xj9^@. [embed][/embed]

When You Overestimate Yourself

Do you know someone who can jump high enough?

Does Hair Come Off Eventually?

Well, what the hell did you think would happen?!

I’m Lazy But I Don’t Care

I'm lazy and I know it. But it just feels so good.

Yeah, That’s A Good Idea – Fails Of The Week

Another session of failing human beings, which gets you thinking... How can people be so stupid? [embed][/embed]

Nothing To See Here

So many things go wrong in this little GIF, it's hilarious. Ouch.

This Mr Gear Spoof Shows You 3 Stupid Life Hacks

What a neat little parody by Shock Screen getting on board the long gone hype train for life hacks. "Today…

This Are The 5 Stupidest Weapons Ever Built

With this issue of Good Mythical Morning our beloved comedy duo Ren & Stimpy Rhett & Link got over 1.5…

Everyone is stupid except me GIF

Stupid Girls



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