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I like your style Dude


Donald Trump Gets A GQ Makeover

This presidential makeover by GQ gathered over 1.1 million views over the last couple days, receiving a polarized balance of


100 Years Of Flight Attendant Uniforms

An interesting and good looking fashion walk through the century, uploaded by Condé Nast Traveler. "See uniforms that were tailored


100 Years of Beauty – 1980s Around the World

We probably all don't miss the hair style of the 80s. But they are very entertaining to look at, so


$80 Tattoo Vs. $875 Tattoo

Uh, something other than food this time! But I'll make my "little" recent list nevertheless: After cake, Korean BBQ, salmon,


100 Years Of Beauty: Sweden (Caroline)

In episode 28 of the series "100 Years of Beauty" by Cut we get to see beautiful Caroline dressed up


Hipster Santa Gets All The Fame…

SantaClara gives a shoutout to all the women out there, who make every christmas to something special in this really


Arena Security Starts Dancing To Michael Jackson

Somehow this looks pretty staged to me, but you have to cut him some slack - he can dance! "The


100 Years of Beauty: France (Corina)

Wow, this is the 25th episode of the "100 Years of Beauty" videos by Cut. This time the beautiful gets


A Song About No Being Able To Grow A Cool Beard

"Prebeardy" is this state when men want to grow a cool beard of any kind but only some weird patches


Balding Guys Go Completely Bald

Maybe this video by BuzzFeed shows some balder getting guys, that you look way better with the whole head shaved


Awesome Sweater Dance By Lady At NBA Game

Oh wow! This lady definitely stole the show at a recent basketball game with her sick dance moves. NBA on