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Woman Plays Star Trek Theme On Saw In Subway

The Saw Lady has gone viral playing the original Star Trek theme song on a saw. That's right, all the


Chinese Guys Sleeping Standing In Subway

You have to be damn tired to sleep so soundly on a subway. To stand and sleep on a subway


Man Feeds His Pet Rat On Subway

A man on the subway enjoys his spaghetti with his pet rat. He even feeds his little furry friend. He's a


Running On Departing Subway Train Looks Like Running In Place

If you run as fast as you can on a leaving subway train, you can literally stay in one place.


NYC No Pants Subway Ride 2011

How many times can they do the same shtick? Improv Everywhere pull off yet another no pants subway ride. I'm


Rat On Subway Wakes Up Sleeping Man

New York City is famous for their big fat rats, especially their subway system. One fatty got on a subway


Pigeon Crosses Road And Takes Subway

Pigeons have learned and adapted to their environment. A security traffic camera in Turkey caught a pigeon walking across the


NYC Subway Love Train Claps For All New Passengers

Three people with a loud speaker on an almost empty train car announce that this car is the love train.


Funk Guitar NYC Subway Guitaro5000

This is an epic funk player. He jams for a bit then plays some Michael Jackson It Doesn't Matter If


Girl Leaving Application Steals Tip Tray At Subway

Here's a lesson for you kids out there. If you're trying to get a job at a Subway and no


Romanian Subway Beggar’s Phone Rings

This guy sounds sad, miserable, and poor. He even has the poor beggar swaying down tight. But then there's a


Band Plays Music On iPhones On New York City Subway

Atomic Tom plays Take Me Out live on a New York City Subway. Their instruments were stolen, so they play