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Just End It

When you're too desperate to think things through.

101 Facts About DC Comics

Another run of "you probably don't know this all!" by 101facts. "The Justice League. The Suicide Squad. The Legends of…

Everything Wrong With Suicide Squad

I would have found it funny, when Cinema Sins would have uploaded a "Everything Wrong In 123 Minutes Or Less"…

Honest Trailer: Suicide Squad

Another round of this hard knock truth presented by the Screen Junkies. This "Honest Trailer" about the superantihero movie "Suicide…


When your dad comes home from a suicide bombing


Wheelchair suicide ramp

Explosion At Russian Train Station In Volgograd

A suicide bomber attacked a train station in Volgograd, Russia on Sunday. This YouTube video posted by Petr Petrov shows footage from…

What It’s Like To Work At A Suicide Hotline In Australia

This dramatic clip from the Australian documentary Suicide And Me: Opening Shot 2 has gone viral. The short video, published online by…

Nice Peter Performs Bald Guy Song

There's no denying it. Besides for the few who can properly pull it off, going bald, especially at a relatively…

Amanda Todd Canadian Teen Publishes Note Card Story Before Committing Suicide From Bullying

Terrifyingly, it seems the "post an emotional note card video before committing suicide as a result of bullying" trend is…

Suicidal Caterpillar Dances In Front Of Frog Before Being Eaten

Most creatures in the animal kingdom are instinctually averse to their natural predators. Which is why this strange acting caterpillar…

Heavy Metal Rock Band Suicide Silence Gives Needy Children Toys For Christmas

As they always say, never judge a book by its cover. Suicide Silence may seem a little rough on the…


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