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Morning Sunshine

NASA’s Timelapse Of The Sun Is Stunning

For five long years now, NASA has been recording the sun in unprecedented detail. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is able to record…

Canyon Of Fire On The Sun Is Glorious

The official NASA YouTube channel published this awe-inspiring video of a solar eruption last month.  A 200,000 mile long magnetic filament…

What If The Sun Disappeared?

Popular science educator Michael from Vsauce returns to the web to discuss gravity and the Sun. As a thought experiment, he…

Burning Stuff With Solar Power

This amazing video by Grant Thompson was posted back in December, but it has just experienced a viral surge in viewership over the…

Surface Of The Sun As You’ve Never Seen It

In 2010, NASA launched the Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, to observe the sun for five years. After collecting three years…



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