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Super Mario Beads 3

lefvandebilder originally went viralviral just a year ago with their Super Mario Beads 2 video, which currently stands with over 2.2


‘Noobz’ Movie Trailer Looks Terrible

It seems for decades now, Hollywood has unsuccessfully been trying to capitalize on the success of the video game industry ever since the


Mini Mario Orchestra Performs Ultimate Video Game RPG Medley

Composer, arranger, and musician Master Diwa is also a huge video game fan, especially of the RPG variety. He wanted to create


Mario Goes Berserk

NSFW Warning Everyone knows that Super Mario is the Nintendo made Italian plumber who jumps on bad-guys' heads to defeat


Mario Warfare Trailer

Everyone knows the Super Mario Bros. story, but what if it was retold as a modern war movie? It might


New Super Mario Bros. 2 Penélope And Mónica Cruz TV Commercial

To help promote their new Mario Brothers platformer, Nintendo UK enlisted the help of the very beautiful Cruz sisters, Penélope and Mónica.


Super Mario Brothers Juggling Act

Since the dawn of Internet video, Nintendo and Mario has been at the forefront. But there's only so many versions


Super Mario 3D Chalk Art Time Lapse

Artist Chris Carlson, with the help of photographer Mike Larremore, spent 11 grueling hours on the sidewalk creating a beautiful Super Mario


Super Modern Mario Bros.

World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. is probably the most famous video game level of all time. Even non-gamers recognize


Super Mario Piano Medley

Andrew Johnson performs his very own epic Super Mario Bros. medley on piano in this viral video published by KurtHugoSchneider. The


Mario Bros vs Wright Bros Epic Rap Battles of History

The Super Mario Brothers and the Wright Brothers maybe the two most famous pair of brothers, but which pair is


Cockatiel Sings Super Mario Theme

There's something extra special when your pet cockatiel learns a man made song. It's even better when the song is