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Super Mario Perler Beads

Remember , those fun beads that everyone plays with in day camp? With a lot of time and effort, Bowser has


Dramatic Interchange Between Mario And Luigi

NSFW - Language The Super Mario Brothers are always portrayed as happy go lucky brothers who will help save the


Real Life Playable Super Mario Bros. In A Box

If Super Mario Bros. was created before the television age, this is what it might look like. The 'video game


Gamer ‘Draws’ Luigi While Playing Tetris

Shuey187 is beyond good at Tetris. The professional gamer is past getting super high scores and multiple 'Tetrises'. For fun, he


Mario Bros. With Portal Gun

Portal is a puzzle platformer game where you use a gun that can create portals to solve puzzles. Many people


Super Mario Swing Dancing Wins Contest

Super Mario is loved by almost everyone, so when two dancers at the National Jitterbug Championships came out fully dressed


Super Mario Bros Lowest Possible Score

There are literally countless walk throughs, and speed runs of the classic, original Super Mario Bros Nintendo game. But no


Mario Bros. In Real Life

There's been plenty of 3D and real life recreations of the original Super Mario Bros. opening level. Even in the


Jazzy Super Mario Bros. 3

The soundtrack to Super Mario Bros. 3 is well known to anyone who considers themselves a gamer even slightly. The


First Person Super Mario Bros.

Freddie W made a remake of the Mario First Person viral video. What would playing Super Mario Bros. feel like,


Super Mario Bros. A Cappella Theme Song

There are countless covers of the Super Mario Bros. theme. So what makes this video special? Well, you're just going


Super Mario Bros. On Violin With Sound Effects

Plenty of gifted musicians play the classic Super Mario Bros. theme music on violin. What's really hard is to play